How many guys would like to be with her right now? How many guys do you think that are in love with her smile? That beautiful smile that only she has. They're a lot of guys, aren't they? You don't know what she feels, she cries a lot when you fail on her. However, she chose you. To her, you're the most perfect guy in the world. She loves each one of your flaws. With your bad days and attitude. And she still calls you her "king". She loves you just the way you are. She loves you even when you are the one that starts fighting. She loves you and only you even though you don't trust her. She even loves you, when you can't control yourself and you start yelling at her. Now, I just want you to, appreciate what you have. So many people want to be whit her. They want her so badly, that they're waiting for your first mistake. To get at her, and if you mess up, you'll see her in someone else's arms. And there is, when you'll realize, that the most perfect girl you've ever met. But guess what? It'll be to late. 


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